Larsen’s Automation Systems Save Shipping Teams Time and Labor

October 4, 2021

Time and Labor. They’re two of the biggest issues plaguing companies everywhere. When it comes to shipping products to their customers, companies are always looking for ways to do more with less, meaning shipping more products out in the same amount of time, without hiring more people. While this thought was previously a pipe dream, today it’s a reality with new automation systems available to Larsen Packaging’s customers.

On the protection side of the shipping process, Larsen carries a complete line of Storopack’s Automated Paper and Inflatable Protective Packing Systems. These labor and material-saving systems provide fast, automated void-fill in paper and inflatable pillow-style protective materials to companies who need to get their items out quickly.

On the sealing side, Automated Case Sealers save shipping personnel valuable seconds by folding box flaps down, then mechanically gluing or taping a box closed, with minimal operator assistance.

These are just a couple examples showing how automation can improve Larsen’s customer’s efficiencies.
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